Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kate Walsh has fun with baby lions

By Lindsey Kupfer
Kate Walsh visits Blackjaguarwhitetiger Foundation in Mexico City.
Kate Walsh visits the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City.
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Kate Walsh got to play with baby lions — and it was adorable.

The “Private Practice” alum took some time off from her acting schedule and headed to the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City to show her support for saving big cats.
A self-proclaimed cat lady herself, Walsh took a series of photos playing with and feeding lions, pumas and a black jaguar.

In one of the photos, the 47-year-old actress pets larger 250-pound lions with the foundation’s founder, Eduardo Serio.

Walsh also overloaded her Instagram account with pics and videos from her lion adventure. One video shows her feeding “baby Julio” and in another she burps a baby lion named Tulum.

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation saves mistreated big cats from illegal breeders, zoos and circuses.

Walsh is an avid animal supporter who often encourages pet adoption and isn’t shy about showing off her own cats, Billy and Pablo.


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