Friday, April 24, 2015

Baby clouded leopard 'tummy time' (video)

By Earth Touch 
 April 21 2015 

Remember Lowry Park Zoo's clouded leopard kitten? The one whose bath-time shenanigans brought office productivity to a halt last month? We're happy to report that the endangered tot, now dubbed 'Mowgli', has reached the six-week mark and is still looking strong.

After round-the-clock care from the zoo's veterinary staff and a bit of strength-building tummy time (don't worry, video below), Mowgli has reached an important milestone in his developement in that he's begun to venture outside the animal hospital!

"We're still watching Mowgli 24-7, but we have introduced outdoor exercise and playtime into his daily routine," the staff said in a press release. "A rotation through different environments provides essential sensory enrichment for continued development and confidence building."

Image: Lowry Park Zoo
Image: Lowry Park Zoo
Image: Lowry Park Zoo
Image: Lowry Park Zoo

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