Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fursday: #Cats claim their place

Last updated  02/04/2015


A cat is a cuddly colonialist. It'll invade your home and occupy every room. It'll confiscate your property , or at least leave claw-marks on it. It'll lay claim to the best real estate and then carpet it with cat-hair. Tyranny, thy name is puss.

Yet we always submit. We yield to cats' territorial greed and we grant all their claims to our possessions. Then we take photographs. Behold, now, a collection of cats who have claimed human property and turned it to their own purposes.

Walter requires a lot of bench space - I estimate the combined equivalent of a crock pot, a sandwich press, and a coffee plunger.

Ever sat down on one of those tiny one-buttock outdoor chairs and found it uncomfortably insufficient for purpose? Wanda has. She spreads herself out over two chairs, and still there is spillage.

Lily has claimed the sunny bench, plus a collection of babushka dolls.

Ray occupies most of a garden bench. But who'd begrudge this handsome former stray a moment of ease?

A thesis represents years of work. Its completion is a huge achievement for any student. But a thesis can also be a comfortable place to sleep, as Stevie has discovered. (And, boastful moment, that's a page of Four Legs Good on the screen in the background.)

Here's the second Maine Coon hammock-sag of the day: Indie on the garden fence.

Laptop, electric blanket - it's all the same to Elijah.

Rufus loves the view from your home office. And he's thoughtfully giving your keyboard a dust.

Sapphy has stuffed herself into the lid of a sewing box. The big advantage of the lid is that there are no nasty needles stored in it.

Millie takes charge of the laptop bag. Note her beautiful parenthetical whiskers.

It's amazing the number of cats who love to turn shoes into pillows. This is Colin.

Lynda the kitten is still exploring uses for human footwear.

Another shoe rester: Jager.

For Mike, a beanbag is bliss. 

You think chairs and couches were designed for humans? Manuel begs to differ.  

A chair may be sat upon in any way the sitter chooses. Anni tries a different angle.

Simon has discovered that if you can keep well clear of the rockers, it's possible to make peace with that enemy of the feline species, the rocking chair. 

Lars has acquired the deckchair, the mattress, and somebody's summer reading.

Max thanks you for building such an acceptable outdoor bedroom for him.

If you're looking for the spa-cleaning net, you'll need to wait till Willie Nelson is finished with it.

willie nelson
Scruffy, at 19 years, shows that age is no barrier to being a biker chick.

Jackie can't wait to tell you how fond she is of the plant pot.

Rosie waits for the post.

Billy admired this bowl from the time he was a kitten. Now he's full grown, the fit is a little snugger.

billy1 billy2
The vase used to be simply a decoration. Now Chloe has found an actual use for it.

Coco requisitions someone's drink.

A tissue box is the perfect height and softness for Klaus.

Cats find the oddest things comfortable. Tasman saw this tray of eggs and decided it would be her mattress - just as well she's small and soft-pawed. Little Tasman (named for the explorer) had a rough start in life, being found abandoned under a house, but now her life is sweet.

Finally, meet Gem, who's taking over a bed from the inside. I'm told Gem is a pretty calico cat, so we can all look forward to more revealing photos of her in future.


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