Friday, April 10, 2015

Interviews: the Felines of New York

by Dan Wilbur |

Capturing more than just a snapshot.

From the site: “I'm very comfortable in New York. Particularly right here. Where the vacuum can't get me." -Callie, Brooklyn (via Felines of New York)

Comedian and feline photographer Jim Tews is setting out to do what Humans of New York did for people, but this time for cats. Tews takes a photo of each cat himself and conducts a brief interview.

The results are revelatory, funny, eye-opening, and precious. These are authentic New York cats, Tews assures us. "You can see that hardened look in their eyes" the site says. Here are a few of the best so far, complete with captions from the site.

“I'm not caught up on 'Walking Dead' yet. I'm so bad with that stuff. I just started listening to 'Serial' this morning."“You watch TV and listen to podcasts?"“Not intentionally." -May
(via Felines of New York)
"Music is my biggest passion, and loud noises are my biggest fear." -Loretta (via Felines of New York)
"A lot of people think we hate Mondays, but that's a common stereotype reinforced by the media. We actually have no idea what day it is." -Charlie (via Felines of New York)
“I'm a descendant of lions, so sometimes I'll get real wild animal urges. Like I want to just hunt something."
“What do you hunt?"
“String, mostly."
-Cookie, Greenpoint (via Felines of New York)

“I can see some really expensive condos from here. I'd like to get in one and scratch the shit out of some really nice furniture, maybe piss on something. I don't know, I like to dream big." -Carl
(via Felines of New York)

“This is a nice pen. It'd be a real shame if someone just knocked it off the table for no apparent reason." -Maurice, Manhattan (via Felines of New York)
“I decided a long time ago that I don't want kittens. A lot of other cats judge me for it, but kittens would just get in the way of my career."
“What career is that?"“I'm in the walking around and laying on stuff business. It's insanely competitive."
-Orange, Park Slope (via Felines of New York)

“We've been together for five years. But haven't spoken in weeks."
“Why aren't you speaking?"
“I shit outside the litter box and let him take the blame."
- Sartre & Simone, Midtown (via Felines of New York)

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