You can now buy chocolate filled marshmallows that look like cats
A hundred times yes. (Picture: Felissimo)
If you love cats so much, you wish everything you ate looked like them, you’re in luck (and also, maybe calm down a bit?).
Felissimo – the Japanese company behind the spray that makes all your possessions smell like a cat’s forehead – have brought out a new way to indulge your cat obsession: tiny marshmallows that look like cats.
Each marshmallow is painted to look like a different cat, each with the same classic cat expression of judgement and hatred. Oh, cats. How we love you.
marshmallow cats kitten
(Picture: Felissimo)
The marshmallows have that perfectly squishy finish…
(Picture: Felissimo)
…and are filled with chocolate. Whoa.

Picture: Felissimo)
(Picture: Felissimo)
You can buy a box of twelve for around £14 (plus international postage, but it’s definitely worth it).
box of marshmallows that look like kittens
(Picture: Felissimo)
We’d recommend giving your cat-mallows a little bath in a cup of hot chocolate.
And yes, these are most definitely on our Christmas list. Meow-y Christmas, cat lovers.