Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scientists find link between cat's fur colour and aggression

Researchers have found calico cats are more aggressive than other cats.
Researchers have found calico cats are more aggressive than other cats.

Is your feline companion a bit catty, the sort to bite and scratch when you go to pick them up?
Then it's like to be black and white, toroiseshell, or grey and white, according to new research.

Veterinary scientists at the University of California have conducted a study that apparently show a link between a cat's fur colour and its level of aggression.

The study was published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, which used 1,274 cats to identify a link between appearance and behaviour.

Researchers used a survey to test whether calico cats - who have a spotted or particoloured that is predominately white - are 'significantly more aggressive towards people' than other types of cat.

One aspect of the study was a questionnaire given to cat owners, which asked them to detail how often, and to what extent, their pet was aggressive during a typical day, how it reacts when handled and its behaviour at the vet.

The survery results appeared to confirm calico females, black and white and grey and white cats were regularly 'more aggressive towards humans'.

Research said the ideal feline was a black, grey or tabby cat

When examined, the study also found black and white cats were particularly aggressive when handled, grey-and-white cats during a trip to the vet and calico females in everyday contact with humans.

The University of California study comes a month after researchers at the University of Lincoln found cats, unlike dogs, do not need humans to feel protected.

In particular, experts found cats don't suffer from separation anxiety and any noise they make when their owner leaves is more likely to be out of boredom or frustration.

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