Friday, October 30, 2015

Moggy mum reunites with 'kidnapped' kittens


Mill Road Vet Clinic vet Leanne Julian says the story of the cat and her four kittens has hit headlines around the world.

A Northland puss has been lavishing her four kittens with love after being reunited with them.
The Whangarei feline made international headlines after she tried to sneak into a vet clinic to be reunited with her "kidnapped" kitties.

Two weeks ago she was spotted hanging around the clinic trying to reach her babies, who had been taken inside.
A mother cat in Northland has become international news.

A mother cat in Northland has become international news.

"We have a heart-warming story for you," Mill Road Vet Clinic posted on its Facebook page on October 15. Yesterday we found a box of kittens dumped on our front door. This morning we noticed a tabby cat hanging around our front door, trying to sneak in every time a client arrived. When we realised it wasn't going to go away, we picked her up and discovered she was a feeding mum. Then the penny dropped!"

"Sure enough, we introduced her to the 'orphan' kittens and there was a very happy reunion. Presumably she had been in the box too and escaped before we arrived for work. She's probably been prowling around all night looking for her kidnapped kittens."

The story of the persistent puss has been picked up around the planet. Veterinarian Leanne Julian said, "It's all gone global, we've had messages from people in America, they've been in Italian newspapers, there's been messages from Sweden. I don't know, it's just gone everywhere, and the UK as well ... [the world's] totally gone crazy over these four cute little kittens and their mum"

In the United Kingdom the mum and her four kittens have received coverage from the Daily Mail and Telegraph, in the United States the Huffington Post and USA Today have covered the reunion, and the Malaysia Chronicle has also written about it.

Vet staff will foster the pride of three males and one female until they are old enough to adopt out - but staff don't expect that to be difficult.

They have already found a potential home for the mother. "In due course we will need to find homes for them all," staff said on Facebook. "Mum and kittens are all completely adorable, so hopefully it won't be difficult."


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