Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tiger on the loose on Doha street was part of a Malayalam film

Filmmakers fined for improper handling of the tiger.
By Sreekanth A. Nair

The video of a tiger walking through traffic on a busy road in Rayan, Doha, had gone viral on social media, last week. Now it’s revealed that the tiger was part of a Malayalam film shoot.

The tiger was brought for the shooting of the Malayalam movie ‘Marubhumiyile Aana’ (Elephant of the Desert), directed by VK Prakash. There is a scene in the movie where the hero Biju Menon appear holding the chained tiger.

But apparently, the animal decided to have a rehearsal before reaching the shooting location.

It all started when the door of the cage got opened accidentally when the tiger was being transported to the shooting site on a special vehicle. The big cat jumped out of the vehicle and started walking through the busy road.

Passengers were surprised to see the wild animal on the busy road. Some of them shot the movements of the tiger on mobile phones.

However, the tiger didn’t make any trouble as it was a domesticated one. Soon, understanding that the tiger jumped out of the cage, the people who were transporting it came out and managed to put it back in the vehicle.

The tiger was finally taken to the location and filming was done successfully.

But from plenty of videos available, Qatar police identified the vehicle that was carrying the tiger. Malayala Manorama, a Malayalam daily, reported that the filmmakers were fined for handling the animal improperly.

The film crew returned to Kerala after successfully completing their shooting.

Some Qataris used to have big cats as their pets. However, it ended after authorities issued warnings against the practice.


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