Neko Atsume lovers will be obsessed with the game’s latest update. The kitty collecting game has given us four new cats, two normal and two rare, a bunch of adorable new items and a sweet remodel.
First, let’s discuss the new cats. If you purchase the Fairy Tail Parasol, you’ll likely get a visit from Jeeves and Sapphire. Jeeves is a butler cat with a bowtie and a monocle. Sapphire is a classy southern belle. WE LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN. Then there’s Ganache, a chocolate-colored kitty that fits in perfectly with the new “Sugary Style” remodel. We haven’t spotted the second “normal” cat, but let us know in the comments section below if you have.

If new cats wasn’t exciting enough, you can now purchase phone wallpapers for just 20 goldfish each. You unlock the wallpapers once a cat visits you. Not that you need the wallpaper to prove your obsession with Neko Atsume; your friends are probably annoyed with how much you bring up the app. Check out the list below for all the new cat toys and how much they’ll cost.

UPDATE: THE FOURTH CAT'S NAME IS APRICOT! He's an orange and tan tabby.

  • Lucky Cushion - 120 Silver
  • Royal Bed - 43 Gold
  • Stump House - 400 Silver
  • Biscuit Mat - 280 Silver
  • Plum Cushion Red - 13 Gold
  • Plum Cushion Pink - 13 Gold
  • Plum Cushion White - 13 Gold
  • Cream Puff House - 19 Gold
  • Honey Pot - 15 Gold
  • Choco Cornet Tunnel - 350 Silver
  • Tower of Treats - 900 Silver
  • Fairy Tail Parasol - 55 Gold
  • Pancake Cushion - 15 Gold

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