Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sacramento Zoo Tiger Dies After Failed Introduction With Potential Mate

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A fight between Sacramento Zoo tigers left one dead and the zoo’s director pledging to re-examine policies on how they introduce animals.

The fight started when zookeepers attempted to introduce a female and male tiger for the first time to breed.

Baha, 15, had three litters at the zoo over the years, but an attack on Wednesday left her dead. She was killed in a tragic breeding encounter at the zoo before the gates opened, when male tiger Mohan attacked Baha as the pair was physically introduced for the first time.

Zookeepers used hoses and noisemakers to separate the animals. Veterinarians were unable to resuscitate Baha.

“There was a sign that just said animals off exhibit. and then you could hear an upset tiger behind the enclosure walls,” said zoo member Brandi Hoenicke.

The encounter had been carefully planned by the National Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
In this case, the match proved to have deadly consequences.


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