Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chitwan National Park starts special research on tigers

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CHITWAN, MAY 22 - The Chitwan National Park (CNP) has started research on tiger activities including reproduction from a special way. The park started research with the support from different donor agencies.
Assistant Conservation Officer at the Park, Tikaram Poudel, said that the park has started research on tiger activities in the park through camera trapping method till four years. As many as 15 cameras have been used to capture the activities of tigers .
The research has been limited to Khoriya Source to Dumariya and Bankatta to Bote Simara of the Park.
Poudel said that different activities of tigers including regular activities, behavior, breeding condition, health condition and relation to other animals, would be enquired from camera trapping for four times once a year till four years.
The park said that the research will be completed after four years after collecting the pictures trapped through cameras.
This is the first time, the country has started such type of special research. As per the recent census, there are 120 tigers in the park. RSS


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