Friday, May 20, 2016

'Lick' your cat with a mouth-held pet brush? hahahaha- NO.

Your dream of drawing your tongue across your cat's fur is now close to being realized with the Licki Brush. All the fun, none of the hairballs.

I've done plenty of weird things for my cats. I build elaborate structures out of cardboard boxes on the living room floor. I let them sit on all the pieces in the jigsaw puzzle box and just work around them. But my cat-indulgence resolve is now being tested by a new, not-yet-released product called the Licki Brush.

Just hearing the name of the Licki Brush should give you an idea of what it does. It's a tongue-shaped cat brush you hold in your mouth and use to "lick" your cat. A short video shows the product in action.

Cats lick themselves all the time, but their barbed tongues are made to handle the job. Human tongues are just too smooth. And if you're actually licking your cat with your tongue, you may want to consider some form of therapy.


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