Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mysore Zoo officials pinning hopes to breed new bloodline of #tigers

MYSORE: Mysore Zoo's big cats Amrita and Shiva which were rescued from near tiger reserves were released into open area separately on Tuesday.

This for the first time Zoo authorities are leaving them outside its enclosure since its arrival. Tigress Amrita was rescued from Nagarhole Tiger Reserve and tiger Shiva was captured from Bandipura Tiger Reserve few months ago. Tuesday being holiday for zoo, authorities utilize it to check their behavior.

According to Zoo officials the big cats initially showed signs of hesitation to come out of the enclosures but later went ahead to scout out the area. The cats however didn't venture near visitors barricade but looked comfortable.

Amrita and Shiva enjoyed a quick swim in pond and slept peacefully beneath natural shade.

Amrita has sustained injury in her foreleg and it cannot be let her back into the woods again while Shiva is aged and has to be in captivity condition rest of his life. Officials feel "it's good to see both wild tigers adjusted to zoo atmosphere. Hopefully they enjoy company of each other in separate adjoining moats.

Authorities are now pinning hopes to breed new bloodline.


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